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Wind Turbines




Engineering - Projects Under Research, Design and Budgeting

Multi-Level Mobile 72 Man Work Camp Building

Executive Projects - Design & Development

Mobile school classroom 30’ X 40” unit for extreme cold climatic conditions executed in northern Alberta, Canada

Safe Pipe Structural Trenches

Proposal of IHI Structure for a Waste-to-Energy Building in Sicily

Mobile Insulated Septic Tanks

Mobile Insulated Septic Tank (1500 Full Capacity)

Cleaning Outlet

Cleaning Outlet


Air Vents

Clean Outlet

Check Valve

Sling Lifting Device

Air Flow Line in Various Compartments

Typical IHI Coated Wall Panel

Typical IHI Coated/Heated Floor Panel

Sewer #1

Sewer #2

Inlet Protection Bars

Sump #1

Sump #2

Blower Switch and Timer

Pump Power Source

Thermostat #2 (Stand By)

Thermostat #1

Typical IHI Coated Roof Panel

Sling Lifting/Protection Tube

Piping System

Model #1

Model #2

Apartment Building in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Proposed Design for a Hotel in Northern Alberta

Proposed Design for an Island Marina Mobile Hotel

High Standard Residence in Alberta

Townhouses in White Rock, BC

Retail Building in Alberta

Social Housing Project in Brazil

Executive Projects - Warehouse in Northern Alberta

Executive Projects - HCD Technology Center, BC, Alberta

Perspective of the building main entrance with unique seamless joints and connections unlike any pre-manufactured penalized elements whether modular or not.