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R&D Greentech promotes the technologies provided by Oseeds

Oil Sands Environmental Development & Services Inc. is an incorporated Alberta company (operating as Oseeds Inc.), focusing on innovations in the areas of oil sands processing, oil sands tailings management and oil sands tailings comprehensive utilization.

1) Oil sands tailings dewatering, consolidation and reclamation

High performance flocculant - can be used in following four flexible ways for dewatering:

a. flocculation of mature fine tailings or fine fluid tailings (MFT/FFT) that is being held in giant tailings ponds,

b. flocculation of fresh extraction fine tailings produced from bitumen extraction plants for warm water recovery and fine tailings concentration,

c. flocculation of combined tailings (extraction fine tailings and extraction coarse tailings),

d. flocculation of combined tailings and MFT/FFT.

Interlayer deposition - can turn fluid tailings into a trafficable deposit a few days after its disposal, accelerating tailings consolidation.

In situ polymerization capping - can turn any soft tailings deposit into a trafficable deposit for fast tailings ponds reclamation.

2) Bitumen recovery from oil sands tailings

Currently, bitumen recovery from oil sands ores is approximately 11%, leaving 2.7% residual bitumen in tailings, a by-product of oil sands operation, holding in giant tailings ponds, totalling approximately 1 billion m3 plus 50 million m3 annual incremental. Residual bitumen can be recovered from mature fine tailings to an environmentally acceptable level .

3) Oily sludge treatment & oil contaminated soil remediation

World wide oily sludge and oil contaminated soils are approximately 73 million tonnes per year from oil production and 12.6 million tonnes per year from oil refineries, a total market value of US35 billion dollars.

We developed direct/indirect thermal desorption system.

4) Comprehensive utilization of oil sands tailings to produce ceramic tiles

We developed a process that reuses the fluid tailings as raw materials to produce ceramic floor, wall and roof tiles and sanitary ware as well, and reuse the natural gas currently being flared/wasted for thermal energy to maintain the ceramic productions. In the meantime, the residual bitumen can be recovered and sold on the market making bonus revenue. On top of these, we can reduce the fluid tailings and solve the environmental problems by turning them into value added products for residential, commercial and industrial uses without making additional green house gas emissions.

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We have developed technologies in the following areas with pending patents in each area

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