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Wind Turbines




Organic Rankine Cycle Engine (ORC)

Waste heat can be categorized as follows:

1. Steam with pressure

2. Waste heat with no pressure

Organic Rankine Cycle transforms the heat to moving energy, screw expander will transform the moving energy to electric power. For pressurized steam, combination of steam screw expander and ORC system will be used.

Oil Refinery, Chemical Processing, Oil Drilling - Excessive by-product of steam, hot water can be used to generate power through rotary screw expander. Water temperature about 80˚C can be used to generate power.

Metal/lurgy Processing and Steel Mill - Furnace cooling produce hot water and water steam. Instead of cooling or discharge the hot water to the environment, it can be used to generate power by using back pressure gas turbine and Kaishan Screw Expander/ Back pressure steal will enter ORC system, power efficiency is higher than traditional condensing type gas turbine. Comparison: Condensing type gas turbine – One ton steam can produce 13KW addition power. Combination of using back pressure gas turbine and screw expander – One ton steam can produce 53KW additional power.

Power Plant - Steam cooling, steam depressurize and discharge process can be used to generate power. Kaishan steam screw expander or ORC can be used.

Low temperature Evaporation such as LNG.

Geothermal and Solar Power - Kaishan ORC system can utilize hot water from the ground and solar hot water system to generate power.

Other Industry - Cement plant, paper mill, printing, sugar plant, food processing plant, brewery, pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, biomass and any other application with temperature differences.

Diesel Engine - Diesel fuel distribution: 35% - 45% transforms to shaft power, 10% - 22% transforms to heat and cooled by cooling water, 25% - 40% transforms to waster hot air, 4% - 7% transforms to heat and cooled by engine lubricant.

Rotary Screw Expander Technology

Features & Benefits

Source of heat: overheated, saturated steam, air & water mixture, hot water, hot oil and other hot fluids are all to be useable in this application. The main idea here is to reuse the wasted heat.

Stable system has excellent handling in heat supple range from 120% to 10%.

Low maintenance cost, easy serviceable system design enables fast installation such as refrigerant filters and oil filters.

Using 3 phase asynchronous generator. Generated power will be easily supply to existing power network. Guarantee power quality to existing network. Control system comes with protection function that will auto separate the power network when ORC system has technical problem, ORC generator will be shut down automatically.

High pressure steam

Type of Heat Source and Expander

Below is Information About Waste Heat


Low Pressure Steam

Hot water, hot steam, exhaust hot air/smoke (convert into hot oil and steam), other hot fluid


High Pressure Steam

Screw Expander Type

Heat Application Source

Below is ORC Twin Screw Expander

Below is ORC Turbine Expander

Below is ORC Applications

Below is ORC Applications - Fuel Gas Heat Recovery

Below is ORC Applications - Geothermal Hot Water

Below is ORC Applications - Quench Oil Heat

Below is ORC Applications - Hot Water Heat

Below is ORC Applications - Oil Industry SAGD Waste Heat

ORC Features

Hot Water

T = 100˚C

Cooling Water

T = 15 - 32˚C

ORC Features

Quench Oil > Hot Water

T = 100˚C > 80  - 90˚C

Cooling Water

T = 20 - 32˚C

ORC Features

Geothermal Hot Water

T = 140˚C

Cooling Water

T = 20 - 32˚C

ORC Features

Steam > Hot Water

T < 120˚C

Cooling Water

T = 20 - 32˚C

Use of Waste Heat

Rotary screw expander is mechanical equipment that converts low grade heat (low temperature and pressure) to power. Conventional power generation plants and burning coal, natural gas or diesel fuel to generate high pressure and temperature (high grade heat) to generate electricity power by synchronous generator. It also produces great amount of waste heat and emissions to cause global warming. ORC power plant becomes very popular in the area with earth heat available such as hot springs. ORC power plant produces zero emissions to the environment.

Heat Source Requirement