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Organic Rankine Cycle Engine (ORC)

The Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) is named for its use of an organic, high molecular mass fluid with a liquid-vapor phase change, or boiling point, occurring at a lower temperature than the water-steam phase change.

The fluid allows Rankine cycle heat recovery from lower temperature sources such as biomass combustion, industrial waste heat, geothermal heat, solar ponds etc.

The low-temperature heat is converted into electricity.

Closed loop system, no external fuel source needed R&D ongoing with new working fluid to capture waste heat below 80C.

Sizes from 50KW to 12MW+

Open up new markets to enter new areas

ORC screw expansion power station water power project in Hainan refinery aromatics success and power generation

May 30, by the company R & D, manufacturing ORC screw expansion power station in Sinopec Hainan Refining & Chemical Company aromatic hot water generation project success and power generation. This is the ORC screw expansion power technology first used in the petrochemical industry, is another milestone achievement made ​​in our company to develop applications, the success of this project means a huge open mountains "Blue Ocean" market, petrochemicals industry, including cooling water, hot oil, a large number of low-grade waste heat recycling and efficient, while also saving a huge amount of cooling power consumption.

The total installed capacity of 1300kW, the consumption of cooling water quantity 200t / h, the water temperature is 118 ℃, 24.9 ℃ ambient temperature in the case of water per ton of design net generating capacity of 4.63 degrees.

ORC refining industry with special screw expansion generator safety, quality requirements, Hainan refinery project owners give my company design, manufacture, installation time and short. Mountains General Machinery Research Institute and the expansion of co-generators division, only 100 days to complete the entire construction project, fully reflects the company's comprehensive technical capabilities and manufacturing capacity.

West Germany Yangtze River Environmental Investments Limited mountains screw expansion power plants and power generation

November 21, the West German Environmental Investments Limited Wenzhou Changjiang garbage power plant waste heat utilization project: KE132-110v-1-50 screw expansion mountains ORC power plant success and power generation, which marks the Zhejiang mountains Compressor ag production screw expansion power generator and a new field in the successful application.

West Germany Yangtze River Environmental Investment Co., Ltd. Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Liu town garbage power plant is located in Wenzhou City, is equipped with two 16MW turbine generator, the current into the normal operation of a waste incineration process of matching needs continuous blowdown heat recovery boiler, generate high pressure even drainage, produced after the steam has been unable to take advantage of reduced emission, Zhejiang mountains Compressor Co., Ltd. production of ORC screw expansion power station, successfully recycling the waste steam power generation and the production of hot water according to user needs, and change waste into treasure.

KE132-110v-1-50 screw expansion mountains ORC power plant, scene actual operating parameters: steam pressure 60-70KPA, 110c, flow 1.8t / h, temperature condensate generation user requirements after not less than 80 degrees, so that foreign sales . ORC screw expansion actual operation of power stations: generator installed power 132KW, the actual generator output power 126KW, net power generation runs 100KW, condensate temperature 85-90 degrees, fully meet the design requirements, meet the needs of users. The successful implementation of the project, will be generating 800,000 degrees West Germany each year Yangtze Environmental Investments Limited, the production of more than 80 degrees hot water 14,400 tons, to bring considerable economic benefits.

Hainan refinery aromatics hot ORC power projects run the full moon

Fully meet the design criteria of the data

Mountains compressor company Sinopec Hainan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. provides aromatic hot screw expansion turbine ORC May 28 after a successful grid, running full in January, the data showed that the project is stable, fully meet design requirements.

The items in the hot water flow 200t / h, a temperature of 110C ~ 130C (by 118C), mixing the return water temperature 73C design. There are two screw expansion project ORC power generators were connected in series, the product models were KE710-101W-1-50 and KE630-81W-1-50 each one, at an ambient temperature of 38C, water flow 197 tons, 120.5 degrees Celsius water temperature, return water temperature 72C, the two devices net generating capacity measured data 774Kwh, per ton of hot net generation 3.93Kwh. Actual operating conditions show that the water flow and temperature fluctuations have a greater case. unit can maintain stable and efficient operation.

2012 Aug 21st, The State Council released a notice <The Twelfth Five Year Plan on energy conservation and pollution reduction>, this notice connected with the <The Twelfth Five Year Plan working solution on energy conservation and pollution reduction>.

In this notice, it sketched the objective of energy conservation and pollution reduction and detail task in important sectors.

China is devoting major efforts to adjusting the optimizing its industrial structure. This measure strictly control energy-intensive or high-emission industries, and speeding up the elimination of outdated industrial capacity, upgrade the traditional industries, adjust the energy consumption structure, and promote the services sector and the development of strategic emerging industries.

The first is energy conservation and pollution reduction in industrial area, the major ones and electricity industry, coal industry, iron industry, non-ferrous metal industry, petroleum and petrifaction industry, Chemical industry, building materials industry, paper making industry, printing and dyeing industry and so on.

The second is residual pressure and residual heat as an important project.

By the end of 2015,it is targeted that the new power generation capacity of residual pressure and residual or waste heat is 20 million KW, and by the end of the Twelfth Five Year Plan, the standard coal saving ability will up to 57 Million tons.

The background knowledge of waste heat

Petroleum industry, Chemical industry and petroleum production industry; the production process, much steam or hot water will be discharged. All these heat resources are all useful for ORC. All hot water which is higher that 80®C can be used to generate power.

Metallurgical and steel industry: there are much hot water and steam generated in reheating furnace and water jacket. All these heat resources will usually be discharged or cooled. This low pressure steam can be used to generate power by back-pressure steam turbine or “Kaishan” Steam Screw expander, after the steam turbine or expander, this steam can still be used by “Kaishan” ORC Screw Expander. They are working in series. For example, Compared with the back-pressure steam turbine, the condensing steam turbine can generate (more) an additional 13KWh power by 1 ton steam; Back-pressure Steam Screw Expander plus ORC screw expander can generate (more) an additional 53KWh Power.

Power enterprises: especially the heat and power cogenerating enterprises, there are many steam throttle valves in the process such as to reduce temperature, pressure, flow or blow-off. We can use the Steam Screw Expander to harness the waste heat to generate power.

Geothermal Generation and Solar Power: the ORC provide a very good energy conversion method by converting the waste heat from the hot condensate or waste steam from the geothermal plant to power, as well as solar call heat.

Other industries: include the building material industry, paper making industry, printing and dyeing industry and so on. The ORC has the most potential applications.

The exhaust of diesel generator: the power generated by diesel, about 35-45% is converted to shaft power, 10-22% is absorbed by the cooling water, 25-40% is discharged through the flue gas and 4-7% is absorbed by the lubrication oil.

We can define the waste heat to pressure heat resource or non-pressure heat resource. The ORC can convert most non-pressure heat resource to machinery-Power. If the heat resource is high pressure steam, we can use steam screw expander plus ORC screw expander.

The ORC screw expander uses the organic actuating medium to absorb heat from heat resource. The heated organic actuating medium expands in the work cell to push the rotors moving in circles, the male rotor output the shaft power. We define the cycle name as Organic Rankine Cycle. During the cycle, we need no diesel or petrol, non-discharge, non-consumption, and non-pollution. The generated power can be connect to the grid directly.

The core technology comes from Kaishan North America Research development Center

The full quality inspection & control system to make sure no defect

Kaishan has in-house professional design team including manufacture the machine for many years, include air compressor, refrigerant compressor, air-conditioning compressor, screw expander and so on. We gained much experience in design, manufacture and operation; such experience do much to help refine, improve and promote the cost efficient use of our screw expanders.

Screw Expander

Different type of screw expander can use different heat resource.

Application Conditions:


Screw expander is a machine tat can convert heat to power; it can use the low grade heat to convert into power output.

The traditional conversion of heat to power use the high pressure and high temperature steam to drive the system turbine. The turbine drives the synchronous generator. The electric power is the highest class power, it is easy to transmit and use. The electric power is most important power.

The turbine generator consumes the high grade energy or fuel, and discharge much waste heat in the (meantime) process.

The screw expander use the low grade energy, like waste heat.

Y-2 Shape Line

Both the isentropic efficiency and the reliability are best

Rotor profile is very important to the performance of screw expander. Now the profile design depends on numerical calculation, the manufacture depends on the high precision grinding machine. We combine these two important technology, to ensure the high performance of screw expander.

The profile of ORC was developed by Doctor Tang Yan, this lineProfile which is named Y-2. Both the isentropic efficiency and reliability are proven to be the best shape profile by theory and practice.

1) This Y-2profile makes sure the Isentropic efficiency is highest during the rotors’ meshing, the internal leakage is minimal, Basic volume is biggest, running efficiency is highest.

2) 5:6 gear ratios is the best ratios for screw expander

3) Specially developed lubrication oil for ORC reduces the friction, vibration and noise.

4) The material for rotors is specially alloy which can withstand high pressure and temperature working conditions.

5) The bearing is manufactured by SKF, friction loss is low, output is high.

6) Mechanical seal is manufactured by John Crane, which has high reliability, and low maintenance

Making technology breakthroughs in the world

Kaishan ORC screw expander

The ORC screw expander uses the organic actuating medium to absorb heat from heat resource. The heated organic actuating medium expands in the work cell to push the rotors moving in circles, the male rotor (output) provide the shaft power. Screw expander operation depends on the recycle system. The working condition requirement is low, it is suitable for low grade heat.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) principles

Evaporator absorbs heat, heat the medium to hot vapor (not steam vapor). Then the medium enters the expander to turn the rotors to produce shaft power associated with tis temperature and pressure reduction. Once the medium vapor exits from expander, it will enter a vessel which can separate the lube oil from the vapor. The vapor will be converted into liquid after going through the condenser, and then pumped to the evaporator again. This is the whole Organic Rankine Cycle.

Another Cycle is after the oil separator, the lube oil will be pumped to any point that needs lubrication. The lube oil ensures the necessary parts operate smoothly and not overheated.

In the ORC cycle, the function of working medium is to extract the heat energy or calorific value from the heat source (such as waste heat), to convert the temperature (heat energy) into pressure then into mechanical power, and finally into electrical power output (using a “Low-Temperature source”). Moreover, using a Non-pressure, Low-pressure heat resource, and the ORC seems the only option.

It is of extreme importance to have the right working medium chosen, which will influence such factors as the efficiency of power generation, specifications of equipment and the cost of construction etc. We considered the best working medium is the R245fa.

Kaishan ORC Power Station-Rotary Screw Expander

A/ Open type ORC screw expander:

The screw expander is installed on an open structure; one end is shaft connected with generator by couplings. The upper flange is the intake of high pressure steam. The lower flange is the exhaust for low pressure steam.

B/ Couplings

The couplings are soft diaphragm couplings which transfer the power smoothly, safely with low noise and low heat.

C/ Oil Pump

It pumps the lubricating oil to shafts, rotor shaft seals and all parts that need lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise reduction.

D/ Liquid Pump

This pump is driven by electric power, suitable for Freon working media. Low rotor rotational speed, high efficiency, designed to avoid pump cavitation.

Kaishan ORC screw expander power plant composition:

All parts are connected to a recycle system by pipes. This system absorbs heat, heat the medium to hot vapor (not steam vapor). Then the medium enter the expander to turn the rotors; moving the output shaft with power associated with its temperature and pressure reduction. All parts are designed and manufactured by years of experience, with strong structure, reasonable layout, safe, reliable, and easy to maintain. The plant control system includes controlling, adjusting and protecting (of) the power plant with the necessary functions.

E/ High Efficient Asynchronous Generator

Intergraded with highly efficient and quality product which can work in wide load fluctuation environment customized by customer demand.

G/ Preheater

Adding a shell and tube preheater before the evaporator can improve the heat transfer efficiency. Both the preheater and evaporator are shell and tube design, they are easy to clean during use.

F/ Condenser

The condenser is extremely important during the Rankin recycle. How to reduce the cooling temperature is the key problem we need to solve. Improve the performance of condenser; by reducing heat transfer temperature difference is a good solution.

Customer can select the different types of condenser by the operation conditions. For example evaporative condenser, shell and tube condenser and air cooled condenser. The evaporative is a better option.

H/ Evaporator

Full liquid evaporator has the good performance with Freon working media. The design optimized the heat transfer efficiency, minimizing the temperature differential in order to achieve the best economic and efficient heat transfer. For the different waste heat resource like steam, hot water and hot oil we need special design for the evaporator.

I/ Oil Separator

Oil separator can separate the oil and Freon after the expander

Kaishan ORC Screw Expander power plant

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Is the most advanced rankine recycle power generating technology. The isentropic efficiency of Kaishan ORC Screw Expander can reach 85%. Heat-Power conversion efficiency can reach 8% - 13%

Kaishan has more than 100 patents all over the world; many of them are patents for inventions or international patents.

Our R&D department which is made up of many doctors, advanced engineers and technicians. The strong development and innovative capabilities are our core competency. The North American research center developing team is led by Dr. Tank Yan based in New Jersey, America, working closely with the Shanghai research center and Quzhou technology center, has resulted in many new technology created by this mode.

Kaishan has two High-Tech corporations; one provincial research institute named Kaishan General Mechanical Research Institute and the other is Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co. Ltd.

New and renewable sources of energy Power plant

Kaishan ORC Screw Expander power plant

Kaishan ORC Screw Expander power plant is specially designed for waste heat. Currently, this equipment is already used by Quzhou YuanLi Metal Products Co. from which they get good benefits.

The waste steam condition of YuanLi:

Yuanli has a back-pressure steam turbine, it generates 200KW electricity power by steam, and the waste steam (turbine exhaust) does into the air directly. The waste steam pressure is 3000-6000Pa, flow rate is 2 ton/h.

We use ORC to generate 100KW electricity power from this waste steam.

The calculation of economic benefits:

The average output of KE100 power plant is 100KW, self-consumption is 7KW, and the new output is 93KW

Annual output                  8000 x 93KW = 744000KWh

Annual production    744000 x 0.8RMB/KWh = 595200RMB

Annual standard coal saving  744000 x 0.00035 = 260.4 Ton

Annual CO2 discharge reducing  744000 x 0.00083 = 617.5 Ton


1. Average working hour is 8000 hours, the electricity price is 0.8RMB/KWh

2. To generate 1 KWh power need 0.35Kg standard coal

3. To generate 1 KWh power discharge 0.83kg CO2

Isentropic efficiency comparison

After the testing and analysis, Kaishan ORC power plant isentropic efficiency can reach 85%. Currently in the world it has the highest efficiency, it can generate more power.

For example, we calculate 450KW new output, if we use same power generator, compare 85% with 50% isentropic efficiency, the 50% isentropic efficiency only can generate 208KW, the investment capital recovery is higher by 117% more.

View the ORC applications installed document by clicking here